Scenes from Patrick Süskind's The Double Bass

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"Last night wasn't about mass appeal or entertainment. It was about taking a pause out of the bustle of our lives to reflect, through cerebral exercise, on a subject that all of us inherit as part of civilization. That's quite a burden you took upon yourself, and I'm sure I speak for everyone in thanking you."

---Lance de Masi

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“What no composer has yet composed has, at last, been written by Patrick Süskind: as satisfying, fully-fledged solo piece for a double-bass player. Normally, as the speaker in this poignant dramatic monologue reminds us, the double basses are assimilated, concealed in the orchestra. There are no solo parts, at best the odd duet. But the musician who makes his life in the lowest reaches of the string section is also a human being: a creature prey to frustration and jealousy, a person whose devotion to art goes sadly unrecognised, a man capable of the most elevated feelings

towards a beautiful soprano soloist.

Scored both as a social comedy and a lament to the essential unfairness of life, The Double Bass restores a grain of justice to a too long-ignored area of artistic endeavor, allowing one double-bass player at least to perform in these pages with marvelous sprezzatura”. -- ©1987 Michael Hofmann ©1984 Diogenes Verlag Ag

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