Scenes from Patrick Süskind's The Double Bass

"Last night wasn't about mass appeal or entertainment. It was about

taking a pause out of the bustle of our lives to reflect, through cerebral exercise, on a subject that all of us inherit as part of civilization. That's quite a burden you took upon yourself, and I'm sure I speak for everyone in thanking you." ---Lance de Masi

Scenes from Pushkin's Mozart and Salieri.

Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart - Promotional Videos

Friedrich Schiller: On the Aesthetic Education of Man: Sixth Letter

Naguib Mahfouz: "Heart of the Night" (excerpt)

                                                       Ode Amaize and Abdulrahman Suwailam

              Translation: © 2011 Aida A. Bamia The American University in Cairo Press, 2010

                                                           Used with permission

                                      MONA LISA 

           A Dramatic Monologue by Jenny Lind Porter

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